Universal antimicrobial stewardship and the rapid diagnosis, treatment and containment of infectious diseases should form the foundation of modern global healthcare yet many countries still fail to recognize infectious diseases as a specialty and to make the necessary associated investments.  ISID's educational programs seek to strengthen the specialty; support the ongoing professional development of infectious disease practitioners; and improve clinical practice. 

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International Congress on Infectious Diseases

The leading international meeting on global infectious diseases, delivering a unique blend of basic science and clinical practice.

Meetings are held biennially in different regions of the world reflecting ISID’s recognition of the global burden of infectious diseases. As a result, the Congress is notable for the extraordinarily wide range of countries represented and the opportunities it affords for the close exchange of cutting-edge scientific knowledge and communication between colleagues from around the world.

Distinguished by innovative approaches to delivering evidence-based knowledge and a world-class scientific program presented by leading international experts who have first hand experience and knowledge of the conditions they discuss, the agenda ranges from regional disease priorities to global hot topics.


International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance

Emerging diseases are now, more than ever, at the center of the world’s attention. The realization that new infectious diseases may be recognized at any time, in any place, has dramatically raised awareness of our need to understand emerging pathogens.

This meeting embodies the One Health model of emerging diseases, recognizing the commonality of human, environmental, and animal health, asking:

  • What are the most important emerging diseases threats?
  • What biological, ecological, social and other factors lead to their emergence?
  • How can we quickly detect their occurrence in order to prepare and respond in timely and appropriate ways?

At this meeting, diverse and world-renowned colleagues come together biennially to present new knowledge and breakthroughs on how to discover, detect, understand, prevent, and respond to outbreaks of global emerging threats.


A Guide to Infection Control in the Healthcare Setting

A free, online resource on the principles and interventions needed to reduce the rate of healthcare associated infections.

The science of infection prevention has grown in importance over the last 30 years and is in constant evolution. Written and edited by international leaders and front-line practitioners from around the world, the Guide summarizes the most up to date principles, interventions, and strategies for maximizing the reduction of healthcare-associated infections. The chapters are intended to facilitate the implementation of effective infection prevention and control measures across different resource levels; improve quality of care; minimize risk; save lives; and reduce costs.

Guide to Infection Control in the Healthcare Setting

International Journal of Infectious Diseases

The International Journal of Infectious Diseases (IJID) is the official publication of ISID.

It offers open access to peer-reviewed infectious diseases research, case reports, and clinical trial updates covering epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, treatment, and control of infectious diseases. In addition, it seeks to enhance the reader’s understanding of the medical and cultural factors that affect infectious diseases and provides insight into their prevention, treatment, and management.

An open access publishing fee payable by research authors or research funders, enables the Journal to be published online each month for no subscription fee, making it available to infectious disease researchers and clinicians throughout the world, irrespective of their location or resources.

International Journal of Infectious Diseases
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