ProMED gathers and shares vital information, promoting connections and dialogue amongst the international infectious disease community. Delivering curated, real-time, global disease surveillance data, ProMED is trusted for its unbiased reporting and the authoritative analysis provided by its global experts. Enabling accelerated infectious disease detection and response, ProMED is free of political or commercial constraints. To ensure the broadest possible access to its surveillance data, ProMED is available free of charge.

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The International Society for Infectious Diseases sparks and sustains connections between practitioners and data; professionals and their peers; researchers and funding; experts and the public at large – all in the service of improving the prevention, management, and treatment of infectious diseases around the world.

ISID fosters dialogue within an international infectious disease community comprised of scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists, public health practitioners, policy makers, and others interested in infectious diseases on a global scale. We support people and institutions, provide free tools and resources, and focus on building professional capacity and influencing policy. ISID provides most of its services – data, knowledge, and networks – to the global community free of charge. Keeping these free, and continuing to expand our impact, requires support from individuals and institutions. It requires support from you.

ISID supports infectious disease surveillance, research, education, and advocacy. Please support ISID. Please donate today.