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International Journal of Infectious Diseases: Volume 2, Number 4
Evaluation of the Serologic Response against Two Consensus V3 Loop Peptides from Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 in Cuban Patients
Johandra Miguez, MSc; José Laferté, PhD; Yahisel Tejero; Grehete González, MSc; Anselmo J. Otero, PhD; Juan Rivero, MD; and Carlos Duarte, PhD

Int J Infect Dis 1998; 2(4):221-225.

Objectives: A retrospective study was conducted to evaluate the antibody response of Cuban patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 against two consensus peptides from the third variable domain (V3) loop of glycoprotein gp120. Methods: The study included sera from 10 individuals at different stages of disease. Two 15-meric synthetic peptides designed from a consensus sequence, belonging to group B or C of HIV-1, were used to determine antibody titers and avidity indexes in an indirect enzyme-linked immunoassay. Results: A high reactivity against both peptides was detected, with 80% of the sera reacting with at least one of the peptides. The antibody titers and avidity indexes did not correlate with disease progression. Additionally, for one of the patients from whom the virus had been isolated, a higher avidity index was found against the homologous peptide. Conclusions: This study showed high reactivity against two consensus peptides from the V3 loop of gp120 among patients with HIV. Large scale studies are needed to determine whether the titers or avidity of anti-V3 antibodies, at the early stages of infection, are predictive of disease progression. Both peptides are candidates for inclusion in experimental vaccines.


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