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The International Journal of Infectious Diseases (IJID) communicates and disseminates information relevant to the epidemiology, clinical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and control of infectious diseases, with an emphasis on those diseases most prevalent in less-developed countries. Contributions to IJID include reports of original clinical and laboratory research, articles focusing on epidemiology and preventive medicine, public health reports on local and regional issues of international interest, reports of clinical trials, reviews, and occasional case reports. Of particular interest are articles related to international collaborative efforts; models and studies of practical and cost-effective interventions for the control and treatment of infectious diseases; epidemiological, laboratory, and clinical evaluations of infectious-disease outbreaks resulting from natural or human-induced disasters; and laboratory and diagnostic methods applicable in facilities with minimal laboratory and clinical resources. The Journal seeks to enhance understanding of the medical and cultural factors that affect infectious diseases throughout the world and to provide insight into the prevention, treatment, and management of infectious diseases. IJID is a bimonthly publication of the International Society for Infectious Diseases.

The International Journal of Infectious Diseases (IJID) has been an open access journal starting January 1, 2014 with no subscription charge and an Open Access Publishing Fee, payable by the author or research funder.

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In order to best use the resources of the ISID, and retain the excellent publishing services of Elsevier, we wish to remind INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES readers that you will receive your subscription to the Journal online-only. The leadership of the ISID has made this decision to ensure that we will maintain and expand access to the IJID to the largest possible international readership - particularly through the internet.

We look forward to increasing our content and accessibility world-wide, while maintaining the quality and readership of the IJID that has been achieved. The ISID wishes to thank its members, IJID subscribers and readers for their continued support to the Journal.



Dr. Eskild Petersen, Department of Infectious Diseases, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.

Corresponding Editors
Dr. Timothy Barkham
Dr. Ziad A. Memish
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Sheldon Brown
New York, USA
Dr. Edward Mills
Vancouver, Canada
Prof. Maria Guzman
Havana, Cuba
Dr.Stephanie Picot
Lyon, France
Prof. Andy I. M. Hoepelman
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Dr. Michael Ramharter
Vienna, Austria
Dr. Mark Holodniy
California, USA
Dr. Karam Ramotar
Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Hakan Leblebicioglu
Samsun, Turkey
Dr. Sunit K. Singh
Hyderabad, India
Prof. Craig Lee
Winnipeg, Canada
Dr. Hubert Wong
Voncouver, Canada
Dr. Larry I. Lutwick
Brooklyn, NY, USA

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