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ISID GRANTS HIGHLIGHT: Small Grant Awardee 2013

Dr. Ojombo Gbemisola Boyede, South Africa

Infectious Disease Clinic, Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital
Validation of a new developmental screening tool for neurodevelopmental delays among HIV-infected South African children

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WAAAR Declaration: ISID supports the World Alliance Against Antibiotic Resistance (WAAAR) in its global fight against antibiotic resistance. The full declaration: pdf

ProMED vaccine project report: "Measuring vaccine confidence: analysis of data obtained by a media surveillance system used to analyse public concerns about vaccines" (Lancet, May 2013)pdf

ProMED in the news: "What's Superbugging You?" Dana Milbank, opinion writer (Washington Post, Sept 19, 2013) Post article

ProMED in the news:"Censorship Doesn't Just Stifle Speech- It Can Spread Disease" (Wired, 21 Aug 2013) Wired article

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