Poster Sessions

Posters are displayed in the poster area located in Exhibition Hall on the 22nd Level of the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre. Each poster board is marked with the number assigned to each abstract, which can be found in the final program book which will be distributed onsite.

Authors are requested to affix their posters at the number assigned to them (as listed in the program) on the morning of their designated date of presentation between 8:15 and 9:30hrs and remove them in the afternoon after the coffee break. At least one author of each poster should be present for discussion and questions during the official poster sessions each day from 12:45 to 14:15hrs and possibly during the coffee breaks.

Abstracts of poster presentations are published on a CD-rom which is a supplement to the International Journal of Infectious Diseases (IJID). Abstracts accepted for “International Scientific Exchange” are not presented but published on a separate CD-rom.

Guidelines for poster austhors:
Poster size: width 90 cm (~36 inches), height 130 cm (~51 inches). Format: Portrait

Thursday, June 14, 2012

40 Virology and Viral Infections (Non-HI V)
41 I nfectious Disease Surveillance
42 Parasitology & Parasitic Infections
43 HIV/AIDS & Other Retroviruses
44 Pediatric & Perinatal Infections

Friday, June 15, 2012

45 Bacterial Infections
46 E merging Infectious Diseases
47 Tuberculosis & Other Mycobacterial Infections
48 Vaccines & Vaccine Development
49 Mycology, Fungal Infections and Antifungal Drugs
50 A nimal Models, Pathogenesis & Host Defenses
51 S exually Transmitted Diseases
52 Travel Medicine & Travel Health


Saturday, June 16, 2012

53 Epidemiology & Public Health
54 Infection Control, Nosocomial Infections & Critical Care
55 Diagnostics
56 A ntibiotics
57 Zoonoses & Infections in Animals
58 Other