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The 13th ICID (Kuala Lumpur) website is available here...
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14th ICID - Miami, Florida, USA - March 9-12, 2010
  Held at the Hyatt Regency Miami (400 SE 2nd Avenue)

Congress Committees
International Organizing Committee
Keryn Christiansen (Australia)
Timothy Brewer (Canada)
Jonathan Cohen (UK)
Raul Isturiz (Venezuela) President
Keith Klugman (USA)
Daniel Lew (Switzerland)
Gustavo Lopardo (Argentina)
Carla Odio (Costa Rica)
Heikki Peltola (Finland)
Didier Raoult (France)
Flávia Rossi (Brazil)
Eric Summers (USA)
Richard Wenzel (USA)

Program Advisory Committee
Guillermo Acuna (Chile)
Deshratn Asthana (USA)
NC Bodonaik (Jamaica)
Lina Bofill (USA)
Pedro Cahn (Argentina)
Gordon Dickinson (USA)
Gustavo Kouri (Cuba)
Samuel Ponce de Leon (Mexico)
Frederick Southwick (USA)
Jaime Torres (Venezuela)
Sergio Wey (Brazil)
RCISTM4 / SLAMVI Travel Medicine
Program Committee

Jessé Reis Alves (Brazil), Chair
Cristián Biscayart (Argentina), Co-Chair
Susana Lloveras (Argentina), Associate Chair
Arlene Calvo (Panamá), Associate Chair

Guillermo Acuña (Chile)
Marcos Boulos (Brazáil)
Suni Boraston (Canada)
Alejandro Lepetic (Argentina)
Jeanette Dabanch Peña (Chile)
Carlos Franco-Paredes (USA/Mexico)
David Freedman (USA)
Eduardo Gotuzzo (Peru)
Sylvia Lemos Hinrichsen (Brasil)
Alejandra Macchi (Argentina)
Alan Magill (USA)
Melissa Mascheretti (Brasil)
Mario Masana Wilson (Argentina)
Tomás Orduna (Argentina)
Alejando Ortiz (Mexico)
Cecilia Perret (Chile)
Franklin Simões de Santana Filho (Brasil)
Tânia Souza Chaves (Brasil)
Nestor Sosa (Panamá)
Jaime Torres (Venezuela)

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