Ursula Theuretzbacher


Center for Anti-Infective Agents, Vienna



Ursula Theuretzbacher is a microbiologist and expert for antibacterial drug R&D strategies and use of antibiotics based on public health needs. She served as President of the International Society for Anti-Infective Pharmacology, Founding President of the ESCMID (European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group, as Executive Committee member of the International Society for Infectious Diseases, and as chairperson of a working group of the International Society of Chemotherapy. She was member of the coordinating group of the WHO project Priority Pathogen List for R&D and leading scientist for the Clinical Pipeline analysis at WHO. She lectured at the University of Vienna for 10 years and was recently appointed ESCMID Fellow.

Her research has focused in three main areas:

  • Public funding approaches for antibacterial R&D
  • Initiatives to recover the global pipeline
  • Strategies to improve the use of antibiotics