ISID plays a key role in developing and advancing policies the world needs to fight infectious diseases. Working to support collaborative research globally, encouraging close connections among researchers, clinicians, and public health practitioners throughout the global infectious disease community, we promote peer-to- peer exchange of scientific knowledge and endorse the application of evidenced-based medicine and public health best practices.

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Ambitions to capitalise on the gains made in the fight against infectious diseases during the Millenium Development Goal era will only be realised if underpinned by strong, global partnerships; increases in funding and resources; better monitoring and use of data; and the development and wider deployment of interventions.

Amidst the growing consensus around the potential risks posed to global security by future pandemics and acknowledgement of the burden placed on public health by outbreaks of infectious diseases, the International Society for Infectious Diseases’ advocacy argues the case for:

  • improved public health policy frameworks
  • effective planning for infectious disease outbreaks
  • investment in infectious disease detection and preparedness
  • increases in public health resourcing
  • ongoing professional development of practitioners
  • increased funding for researchers
  • increased awareness of healthy behaviours and diseases prevention measures
  • greater collaboration and communication
  • a One Health approach

In particular, ISID lends it voice in support of:

  • the development of the specialty of Infectious Diseases as a national resource by all countries.
  • a voice for low and low-middle income countries in international infectious disease policy development
  • access to antimicrobials and a fair deal in the global stewardship framework for low and low middle income countries
  • expansion of global surveillance programs for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases


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